Saturday, November 8, 2014

Lipstick on a pig, or attention to detail?

In this continued market of high demand properties and multiple offers,  little things can play a large roll in the success or failure of a transaction.

Here are a few "little things":

When an agent arranges to show my listing, they are good communicators about when they'll be there.  They show up on time and leave the property as they found it; lights on or off, doors locked.  Extra points if something is out of place and they call to let me know.

When an agent says they are writing an offer, they do and send it to me when they say they will. The offer is complete., They have merged the various pdf's into one pdf. The offer is accompanied by a pre-approval letter, a letter from the buyers to the seller and a note from the agent about the buyer and their process.  If I have indicated a specific escrow company in the listing , that same company is named in the offer.  If we're looking at seven offers, and we often are, and they are similar, and they often are, the little things in the offer can make all the difference in its getting accepted. 

And once accepted; the promissory note for earnest money is redeemed within the required timeline, and I am provided a receipt or proof. I don't have to ask or go hunting for it.  Inspections are scheduled promptly and I am informed in a timely manner.  So when we get the repair addendum in which the buyer is making certain repair requests of the seller, we still feel good about the buyer and their agent.  If the inspection process has been a shitstorm of bad communication (and it can be), the seller isn't super pre-disposed to satisfying buyer requests.

And sellers; agents and home inspectors very quickly form an opinion if your house has been well cared for, or neglected.   We notice all sorts of things, but here are a few that jump out at me.  There is a bathroom fan that works and is used.  There is a service record of the furnace on, or by the furnace.  All the doors are opened with one key, and they do open. The swing of the screen/storm door is on the same side as the actual door, there are no burnt out light bulbs leaving us wondering if its a bad light bulb or a bad receptacle, and hand rails are solid.

Oh yes, staging, de-cluttering and judicious painting work wonders.  But those cosmetics can be lipstick on a poorly cared for pig.  If you're thinking of selling and want some tips on putting your house in shape.  I'll be glad to help.  503-312-8038

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