Friday, September 18, 2015

Fast and Decisive

Last year, we were quite busy, and having a banner year. Somehow, this year, we put 23.8% more transactions together in August 2015 than in 2014.  How did we do that?  Primarily, I think with more decisive buyers and sellers.

More decisive buyers and sellers also contributed to our still low inventory (1.9 months as compared to 3.0 months in August 2014) and to our quicker market time; 41 days as compared to 63 days in August 2014.

Though not a scientific sample, the great majority of my buyer clients this year, actually looked at fewer than ten houses before making their purchase.   And some as few as four.  But...before you jump to conclusions, they all did TONS of online research in advance of and during our in person shopping.  So that is the other part of what has and research.

And, of course, prices are up.  The year to date median price is $305,000, compared with $285,000 year to date in August 2014.

We are though, seeing some seasonal slowing, and even priced reductions.  Some of the sales with prices driven high by emotional multiple offers are now closing.  I'm not sure those houses would have sold at those high prices, had we actually priced them there to begin with.

So for fall, the market will continue at a fast pace, with more decisive buyers and sellers (fall is NOT a time for looky loos).  While interest rate increases may occur, I doubt we'll see anything drastic. Remember, we had a boom market with interest rates at five and six percent.

Let me know if you have questions, or are feeling decisive :) 503-312-8038

See the full RMLS report

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Songwriting with Soldiers

Not a real estate post.  I'm just back from a great trip with Roots on the Rails. Sort of a moving concert to amazing places with a bunch of best friends you've never met before.

As always, there were incredible musicians on this trip.  One musician, in particular,  has been working on a project that really grabbed me.  Mary Gauthier, along with several other noted song writers, has been working with soldiers, talking with them about their experiences and putting their word into song.

The Songwriting with Soldiers  website's description of the project,  " The words of our participants, put to melody and rhyme, tell of combat, loss, joy and pride.  The songs convey a deep sense of what it means to serve, and the struggles our veterans face upon returning home. The soldiers talk, The songwriters listen. Together they create the songs."

Mary Gauthier played a few of these songs on the trip, and shared the stories of the soldiers with whom she had written.  The songs and stories were beyond touching, and had the group of us wiping away our tears.

I'm hoping you'll check out Songwriting for Soldiers, and consider supporting their work.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Is Fall the time to buy (and sell)?

Many think spring is the "best" time to transact real estate.   And while spring isn't a bad time, I favor fall for a variety of reasons.  First off, I love an under dog.  Poor maligned fall :)

Both buyers and sellers in the fall market are ready to get down to business,and get it done.  Fall is not a looky loo, real estate as entertainment time of the year. Fall is about efficiency.  Owner occupants or investors; most everyone wants to get it done by the holidays, or the end of the calendar year.

Sellers who did not get their property sold in the busier spring, are often ready to get down to business and may make repairs and concessions they might not have agreed to earlier in the year.

There tend to be fewer buyers in the fall market as many are busy with back to school activities, and even schooling of their own.  So buyers can have more choices in the fall.

Our listing inventory bumped up in the late summer, and I expect we'll see that true for September and October.

AND, interest rates remain reasonable low, even though the financial markets are acting as if the Fed has already raised them sky high.

So, ready and willing sellers, fewer buyers, more houses, and lower interest rates.  What's not to like?

And sellers, don't worry that you missed the mythical busy season.  You don't need, or want 21 offers on your property.  You'll probably still get a few offers, keeping things competitive.  And really, you only need one good offer.

Call, email or text with questions about the fall market. 503-312-8038