Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Old Beauty, New Look

 A year or so ago I showed this grand old gal on Mt. Tabor.  As sometimes happens, she had been bought by folks with big plans, whose plans changed.  Shelled out, the house was down to the studs in most rooms, with an aging foundation and quirky floor plan.

But sitting back on an over sized lot, looking west toward the city, you know this house wasn't done living.  In time, it was bought and major work commenced:

Wow!  I showed the restored version this last week.  The builder had a good sense of what to salvage and what to bring in new. They kept the lines of the original house, and built out a few missing pieces.  The floor plan is very comfortable, with gracious spaces including a roomy finished basement and third floor, in addition to the three bedrooms and two baths on the second floor.  The classic kitchen is a cooks dream and I loved the huge outdoor room off the back and brick fire pit in back.

We are seeing lots of infill houses, newly built these days. And there is something about a new house; that smell and the modern floor plan.  I should know, I live in one.  We are also seeing a few rare beauties restored.  They have a certain grace and style the new houses just don't.  Builders, with care, can communicate the soul of an old house while delivering the ease, convenience and energy efficiency of a new house.

You can see the listing for the restored house here. And remember, I'd be glad to show you this, or any other old beauties in which you might be interested.

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